Republic of Turkey made statements after the meeting, Health Minister Fahrettin husband Science Committee. Husband ” There is a new technique in vaccination. In this new technique, it is aimed to apply the vaccine as a spray through the nose. ” used expressions. Also Husband VLP called and virus-like particles He also gave information about vaccines containing.

Domestic vaccines

Fahretiin Husband “My dear nation, it is clear that the vaccine will be a long-term need. In such an epidemic, it would be wrong to rely on a vaccine produced by another country. Beyond difficulties in supply, the economic costs of this are also heavy. Our own vaccine is our own weapon.” shaped in addition to the words ” Our domestic vaccine studies, with this understanding, make significant progress towards the result. Inactivated vaccine developed by Erciyes University is in Phase 2. The second dose of the last volunteer will be vaccinated on April 9, At the end of April, following the results obtained, The final phase, Phase 3, will be passed. ” used expressions.

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VLP vaccines

Fahrettin Koca in the descriptions VLP While giving information about vaccines, he said, “Another important development is this: Phase 1 studies of the VLP (Virus Like Particle) virus-like particle vaccine have started. This type of vaccine is It is one of the most innovative vaccine candidates. There are other developments to be listed regarding the domestic vaccine; If I will touch on briefly, I can cite an inactive vaccine that started Phase I human studies, and another inactive vaccine that needs a few days to move on to Phase 1 studies as two examples.” continued as.

250 million doses are targeted per year

Let us state that the vaccine, which will be initiated in phase 1 studies, is aimed to be used as intranasal spray. Minister Husband “In addition to these, the following development is very remarkable: Because there is a new technique in vaccination. In this new technique, it is aimed to apply the vaccine as a spray through the nose. İntranazal kovid This vaccine, called the vaccine, is also very soon Phase 1 studies will begin. Turkish science of people If this attempt turns out, it’s first intranasal Covid vaccine it will be. This vaccine, which has a very high production efficiency, will be able to produce 250 million doses per year in just one facility. ” Used expressions.

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also Husband Twitter Until the end of May in the posts he shared from his account 100 million doses of vaccine, up to the present 14 million doses of vaccine were administered and today it corresponds to 10 million doses of “ Bulk ”. He stated that vaccines entered the country today. Providing information about the vaccines called ” Bulk ”, Koca called the ” Bulk ” vaccines that it is bottled and that this type of vaccine is easier to carry. stated.


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