PinePhone Pre-orders for smartphones started to be accepted. On this rather unusual device More than 20 operating system can be installed.

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Most modern smartphones Android or iOS It comes with operating systems and only a few of them run different software. Less to users operating system It gives you the option to choose or write your own code. Developed by Pine64 We can say PinePhone is a smartphone that falls into the second category.

For those who want Linux in their pocket

PinePhone, on Android, Linux running their distributions. By default, Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma comes with a shell but Fedora or Sailfish OS versions also support. However, not all Linux distributions have yet it doesn’t work well stated.

Basic version of PinePhone From $ 150 opened for pre-order. Also not 2 3 GB RAM will receive 200 dollar version is also expected. Sales will start in April. Smart phone to a powerful hardware does not have it, but for those who want Linux in their pocket that you appeal to possible to say.

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