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Xiaomi Senior Vice President Wang Xiangannounced a possible increase in the company’s smartphone prices. Company competitive trying to keep prices, but insufficiency of microcircuits buyers, due to a price increase should be prepared.

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Top level the manager is committed to optimizing Xiaomi’s production processes. looking for waysHowever, it is more of a challenge to contain the rise in prices. make it hard stated that he was coming. Therefore, according to him, the prices of some Xiaomi device models probability of increasing high.

We will reflect some of the cost increase to the consumer.

Wang Xiang: “Honestly, we will do our best to offer consumers the best price we can. However, maybe in some cases we will need to shift part of the increase in cost to the consumer.said.

Coronavirus In the background of the epidemic, to electronics demand increased significantly and chip makers are dealing with orders he was raped. Chip scarcity is primarily automotive industry, but later other industries as well It started to affect. Analysts say the lack of semiconductors end of the year and that this will inevitably be more for consumer electronics. high prices believes it will lead.

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