Publishing and developing by Tiny Digital Factory racing manager game GT Managerreleased for mobile devices.

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Racing in GT Manager not in your driver’s seat, but from the pit the person who takes tactical decisions as you agree. At game by managing your own team you are trying to achieve success in races. Game deep and gripping one promises experience. Race before and after including, investments made, budget management, trainings and sponsorluklar You will be the person who makes decisions on almost all matters like.

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Although you will manage outside the race, the real challenge is to in the race waiting. Changing tires from the required time, to the speed of your pilot You will make as many decisions as you can.

The game is currently iOS ve Android is available for users. From the stores free You can get the game as. The game’s store pages and video you can find it below.

GT Manage‪r‬
GT Manage‪r‬
GT Manage‪r‬

GT Manage‪r‬


626.9 MB

GT Manager
GT Manager
GT Manager

GT Manager

Tiny Digital Factory


Varies with device

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