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Samsung most DDR4 which is roughly twice the module 7.2GHz‘equal 512GB DDR5 RAMannounced. Your memory High-K Metal Gate It was stated that it was produced with the (HKMG) fabrication process. Same technology GDDR6 is also used for.

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512 GBIn order to achieve a volume of 1, the manufacturer has to work on both sides of the module. 20 8-layer chips used. However, this is not a new technology, the company has been using it since 2014. SamsungOf HKMG process technology 13% more energy efficiency and Up to 7.2 GHz higher frequencies that you provide stated. At the same time, DDR5 technology, Up to 8.4 GHz to build faster RAM modules with a frequency. possibility knows.

Coming to the consumer segment next year

Korean company’s new memory data centers for artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, smart cities and super computers will be used in the development of control centers for Saphire Rapids generation Intel Xeon processors, the first such RAM supporters between it will be. In the consumer segment DDR5 RAM format, this year’s eventually or next year It was announced that they would begin to appear at the beginning.

Previously, the Korean company SK Hynixfirst commercially available DDR5 He introduced memory modules. For now only in data centers they will be used.

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