Published by NACON and Daedalic Entertainment, developed by Daedalic Entertainment. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum A new video from the game was shared.

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In the posted video, albeit short an image of gameplay we can see. As explained earlier, the game is more privacy oriented it will be.

The game is unfortunately not clear for the time being. release date not available but In 2022 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch ve PC için Turkish language support will be published with. Of the game The introductory letter and the aforementioned video below you can find. Of the game Steam You can reach the page from here.

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Introductory Letter

Athletic and agile, sly and cunning. Gollum burning with the desire to hold what he lost in his palms once again, The Lord of the Rings ™ is one of the fascinating characters in the world.

He has seen things that no one could have imagined, and survived things that no one would even dare to talk about. Because of his divided personality Gollum as wild and treacherous as you can Sméagol can be friendly and cautious as well.

J.R.R. TolkienMany of Gollum’s adventures are yet to be told, however vital they play a role in the story. The Lord of the Rings ™: Gollum ™You will enjoy this story on. From the years of captivity in the Black Tower Mirkwood ElfleriYou will find everything until the time next to.

Stealth, agility and use sly. Jump and grapple while dealing with dangers or climb to the vantage points.

While Gollum is not a warrior, it is just for him to assassinate a careless enemy when the opportunity arises, or to eliminate him in more creative and treacherous ways.

The decisions you make and the way you play It will directly affect Gollum’s personality: Gollum ve SméagolIt is up to you to choose whether Gollum’s dark side will take control in the struggle between the two sides created by ‘or whether there is a glimmer of hope left from what was once Sméagol. One mind, two egos. The decision is yours!

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