While the coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world, continues, various vaccination applications continue in various countries. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center working in the institution In the study conducted on 23,200 healthcare professionals, the participants were approximately 2 months old. was followed throughout the process. also Similar research on 36,600 people in California. continued. Participants Pfizer-BioNTech and Modern Let’s point out that any of the vaccinations were made.


New England Journal of Medicine published in the magazine, Texas’in examinations made on healthcare professionals Using Pfizer vaccine Although coronavirus cases have been found to have decreased dramatically in the period after vaccination, Although 2.6% of them were positive, the rate of positivity in individuals who received the first dose of their vaccine was found to be 1.82%. In other words, the vaccine The positivity rate in individuals with their first dose decreases by 31%.

Again, from any of the vaccines mentioned in the same study all doses of individuals vaccinated The positivity rate is 0.05%, that is, the positivity rate has fallen below 1%.

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According to research, Covid vaccines reduce deaths by 85% and hospitalizations by 80%.


Again New England Journal of Medicine Another study published in the journal and California ‘(36,600 people) Individuals with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines were studied, and approximately 77% of participants were vaccinated with all doses.

Single dose of vaccine of individuals who have taken 0.9% of them are positive It is stated that most of the positivity occurs in the first weeks after vaccination, so scientists think that most of these individuals may have been infected with the virus before being vaccinated. Only 37 of the individuals who took both doses, that is, 0.13% as a percentage, were found to be positive.

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As can be seen from new research, vaccination It is of great importance in terms of effective immune response and the clinical course of the infection.

New research New England Journal of Medicine It was published in the magazine called.


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