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Zonguldak‘ta, Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty of Chemistry Department Assoc. Dr. Zuhal Gerçek, in the organic research laboratory of the university antiviral compounds started work on its synthesis.

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Phase 1 studies of Covid vaccines in local spray form will begin.

Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Chemistry Department Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Erol Erçağ and Dr. Deniz Ceyhan’s with the studies he supported Assoc. Dr. Real, covid-19 He suggests that a component in the drugs administered to the diagnosed patient improves the more effective one.

Synthesized in the study 7 new compounds It is supported by experiments in the laboratory environment where the virus prevents replication (replication). Component In case of use in Kovid-19 drugs, the patient has more infection with few symptoms It is claimed that he can survive.


Assoc. Dr. Zuhal Gerçek, The compounds synthesized in the study are a solution against the Kovid-19 epidemic, which all humanity has dealt with. hope He said he thought it would happen.

Assoc. Dr. Truth, “For this purpose We synthesized 7 new materials. These Kovid-19 RNA ‘with Sars ‘-2 RNA’We looked at their interactions with si. The compounds we target were designed to prevent the reproduction of the virus in the fight against Kovid. Supporting the study of interactions with virus RNA Tekirdag University ”Our academicians have worked. The active compounds we synthesized The energies of binding to RNA currently used compared to covid drugs. At the end of this comparison, the substances we synthesized hydroxychloroquineIt has been proven to be more effective and its binding activity to NSF 12 and NSF 15 proteins is much higher.“used expressions.


The synthesis of another property of the compounds emerging in the study it is very easy saying it is Assoc. Dr. Real, He stated that in this way, it is aimed to make the cost low and the efficiency as efficient as possible. Expressing that they have achieved this Assoc. Dr. Real, He continued his words as follows:

“Thanks to the method we use, a lot of derivatization chance available. When we take the virus into our body, the virus starts to increase in number immediately. This drug prevents the virus from replicating itself. Therefore, since the number of viruses is kept to a minimum, the person may not even show symptoms of the disease. We need a group to work with us to develop this work. Molecules we synthesized RNAWe made interactions with ‘s. We also simulated the interaction to prove that it remained stable in the enzyme. As a result of the simulation, it was proved that the molecule settled very well and remained stable here..”

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