Microsoft’s release for the next generation in 2020 Xbox SeriesNew controllers of the company were introduced. If their names are Electric Volt ve Daystrike Camo.

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Introduced in the past months Press Network now after the controller named Electric Volt ve Daystrike Camo controller colors are introduced. Looking at the designs more to a neon color palette We can say that he has. From the controllers Electric Camo, priced at $ 64.99 on April 27 will be available. Other controller Daystrike Camo on May 4 for $ 69.99 will go on sale. You can find the images below.

Xbox controllers Turkey price is $ 699. Again, controllers will log out in this area. However, it may take longer to arrive in our country.

Daystrike Camo

Electric Volt

Also to celebrate new controllers Xbox’s clothing store a few clothing items with the design of the new controller will also be added. They will also be available on the page here on April 21st. You can find the images below.

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