Xiaomi’nin electric car We’ve heard many times before that he’s getting ready to launch. The company seems to have Great Wall Motor Company‘s factory.

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According to the information reported by Reuters news agency, Xiaomi is to produce its first electric car. Chinese He talks to Great Wall Motor. Moreover, the negotiations to the final stage There is information that it came.

Great Wall Motor is quite experienced a company. Last year from a million produced more cars. Also currently BMW to produce electric vehicles for factory is building.

Partnership can be announced at the beginning of the week

Xiaomi’s next week is one with the Great Wall Engine partnership expected to announce. The company probably does this 29 Martwill announce at the big launch event that it will organize in.

The electric car that Xiaomi will produce is just like its smartphones main stream will aim. This is from Tesla Model 3 and Model 2, which will debut in the coming months. cheaper mean to be. Of the price tag 20 thousand dollars expected to be around.


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