Apple M1’in impressive Thanks to previous performance tests, we learned that it offers a performance. The high performance processor of the Cupertino giant is not just the old generation New generation Intel also outperformed desktop processors.

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Containing an eight-core CPU Apple M1, Appeared in the database of Passmark benchmark software. Chipset in single core test 3.550 managed to get points. So in the same test 3.542 eight-core with points Intel Core i7-11700Kpassed.

Intel Core i9-11900K lider

Between two processors 0.2% difference within the margin of error. Therefore, at this point, Apple’s processor is faster, but “conditionally“We can say. In the leadership seat. 3.741 rated Intel Core i9-11900K takes place.

Looking at the AMD side Ryzen 7 5800X‘in 3.506 We see that he is in the fourth place with points. From here to the eighth place again AMD processors dominate. Ninth and tenth rows Intel It appears to be captured by processors.

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