Electornic Artsand one of the popular series of the game world. Battlefield 6 had been announced in the past months. Not many official details are yet known, but later this year, for the new generation known to exit.

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A Battlefield game other than Battlefield 6 may be under development

Recently a Battlefield 6 survey appeared. The questions asked in the survey may give some details about Electronic Arts and DICE’s sixth game. A named Lossy Youtube channel prepared a video about this questionnaire. You can watch the video he prepared below.

When we look at the survey, the questions are generally “Yes No” We can see that there are questions answered. According to the survey we can see in the new game The innovations are as follows:

  • It’s a free to play mode.
  • Map updates.
  • Battle Pass (access to all content of the game also sold for money).
  • Clan system (a system that supports up to 100 people, where you can chat and play games together)

Very close to the clan system A system is already in Battlefield, so it would be wrong to call it a novelty. But F2P Having a mod would be really a novelty. Call of Duty, Warzone he caught a serious audience with his game and also in terms of the number of players. has a high statistics.

Including all of the emerging information about Battlefield 6 It’s just a rumor. The game will most likely be introduced this summer and then we will learn most details.


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