Creator of the Song of Ice and Fire world George R.R. Martinwill continue with HBO for a while. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety’de According to the report, HBO and George RR Martin are upcoming five years reached the general agreement for. 72-year-old writer from this deal a fee of about $ 50 million was reported to have received.

George RR Martin is currently with HBO House of the Dragon working on the series. We will go back to Game of Thrones three hundred years ago in the series where Martin is also closely interested in his creative and producer duties. House of the Dragon, focusing on the story of the Targaryen family To meet the audience at HBO Max in 2022.

Of the new Game of Thrones projects of HBO Max, only House of the Dragon has been officially announced at this time. However, there are five other projects that have not been announced yet and are under development. These will be Ten Thousand Ships, The Sea Snake, Flea Bottom, Tales of Dunk & Egg, and an animation project, respectively.

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Three new Game of Thrones projects have emerged: Here are their subjects

Game of Thrones projects that have not been announced yet

Nymeria: Ten Thousand Ships project focuses on the warrior queen Princess Nymeria. In the book, which takes place about 1000 years before the Game of Thrones series, we read the journey of the Rhoynar people from Essos to Dorne, who were defeated in Valyria in the war. Nymeria name Arya Stark gave to her wolf came from Princess Nymeria.

9 VoyagesThis series, also known as The Sea Snake, is about the sea adventures of Corlys Velaryon on his ship named Sea Snake. The popular locations of the Velaryon, A Song of Ice and Fire universe went on adventures in areas such as Pentos, Dragonstone Lys, Tyrosh, and Myr, and also managed to reach mysterious areas only in fairy tales such as Yi Ti and Leng.

Flea Bottom: Flea Bottom actually tells a story we know from the Game of Thrones series. As you will remember, Flea Bottom, who named the series, was the poorest area in King’s Landing. We know that some characters like Ser Davos Seaworth and Gendry grew up on Flea Bottom. We also watched episodes where Arya Stark was hiding in Flea Bottom in the first seasons of the series.

Tales of Dunk & Egg: Tales of Dunk and Egg series, which Martin completed in 2005, Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) ve Aegon V. Targaryen’in (Egg) is about his adventures. The book is from the A Song of Ice and Fire series 90 years ago passing. We know that one of the main characters, Aegon V. Targaryen, was the future king, but the book is not yet a king and is about his youth.

Animation project: We have no information on the subject yet.

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