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New iPhoneWith a period of six months before the launch of the company, reliable sources close to the company Max Weinbachshared important information about new devices. EverythingApplePro Most of the details posted on his channel with appearance related, but smartphones with functions relevant data are also available.

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iPhone 13 may come with 1TB internal storage capacity

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Maxa new one similar to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra matte black It is said to come in color. Max Weinbach is also Apple’s orange or rather bronze experiments with but do not go into production possibility of said it was low. According to him, the company has a special using coating the side surfaces of stainless steel contamination actively trying to eliminate.

A new image stabilization mode will come to iOS

on the other hand, as the main camera block was previously reported completely flat It is stated that it will not be. But the lenses are noticeably less protruding and in this case the total thickness of the module will be visibly will shrink. Also, to more accurately detect the edges of objects, LiDAR sensor will use and significantly redesigned from portrait mode is mentioned. In addition, on the new iPhones, portrait mode while recording video will also work.

Weinbach’a göre iOSwhile recording a video object a new tool designed to automatically detect and keep in focus to image stabilization mode Will have. Whether this feature will be exclusive to new models or previous generation It is not yet clear whether it will support smartphones. The latest news from Apple, iPhone 12 minDespite i’s low popularity, 5.4 inch will also launch a compact iPhone towards.

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