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Humble Motorsis confident that the future of cars lies in the original design and use of solar panels. Humble One It is fully electrically powered and is powered not only from charging stations but also from large solar panel Thanks to it, it can renew.

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Its cost is 109 thousand dollars.

California, Tesla, Lucid , Fisker and Faraday Future It is home to several well-known electric car manufacturers such as. Total area of ​​solar panel on the roof of Humble One, which rivals the vehicles of these companies 7.4 square meters and the vehicle battery Up to 100 km It can charge to offer range. This is also in the city all day long a sufficient range for roaming.

Company representatives all the features they did not explain. Only updated electric car Toyota Corollais slightly longer than (about 6 meters) and Tesla Cybertruc680 kg lighter than k, so 1.8 ton known to weigh. The company has already 20 million dollars received the order. If the cost of the car 109 thousand dollars Let us state that it is. Your first deliveries Year 2024 It is planned to be done early on.

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