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Spotifyupdated desktop app and web interface for both Mac and Windows. Spotify’s updated design, simplify the user experience and it aims to eliminate inconsistencies between the mobile, web and desktop versions.

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Updated design for desktop and web from Spotify

According to Spotify, people who use the application on different platforms with the new design will not have compatibility problems in transition between platforms.

Spotify’s statement: “Months of testing and research have been done, talked to and feedback received from users. We are now aiming to offer a new, clean design, more control and a great new foundation for our listeners to use Spotify on our desktop app and web player for years to come. With this redesign, we are combining the technical opportunity of a modern and scalable web player with the features you all expect in a responsive Spotify design and desktop application. ” statements were included.

The update makes it easy to refine the playlists. Users will be able to write comments and upload images to playlists. They will also be able to drag and drop tracks into existing playlists and use an embedded search bar to add content more easily.

The updated design, which makes it easier to access music and transition between platforms, started to be offered to users. Spotify notes that it may take some time for the current design to reach all users.

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