Heist movies It has been in the film industry for many years as a subgenre of the action genre. There are some really good movies among them, there are movies that can be watched just to distract. I can say that the movie that I am proposing today is also a movie that is in between.

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The movie we will recommend to you this week Logan Lucky a robbery movie called. Steven Soderbergh Directed by Jules Asner and written by Jules Asner, Logan Lucky is a movie released in 2017. Although the cast and the movie itself are of high quality, it is not a well-known movie, unfortunately. In the cast of the movie Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, There are names like Farrah Mackenzie, Riley Keough, and David Denman.

The movie is the character of Jimmy Logan dismissal and it begins with the fact that his divorced wife learns that she will take her child and go to a farther from the city. Naturally, he wants to hire a lawyer, but he has no money for it. For this one robbery plan Jimmy Logan goes to seek help from his brother, who lost one arm in the war, and they begin to gather a team for themselves.

The movie is from classic heist movies It does not have most of the utopian events. So more grounded It’s a movie and that’s why you feel like you’re watching something from life. But still the heist movies has most clichés: Like they are very lucky and the pilot twist has the pilot twist. However, when you look at it in general terms, it is a little more due to the ground Much better quality than cliché robbery movies.

To sum up this movie briefly I can easily recommend it to anyone. The introduction part of the movie is a bit static, but then it enters the important part very quickly. 1 hour 57 minutes long movie now You can find it on Netflix.

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