In the smartphone market, where it entered only with its own brand, Xiaomi is struggling in 3 different ways today. Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco brands continue to make a smile in their own fields. There were 3 different records this month.

Redmi K40 broke a record

The first herald news Redmi k40 came from the series. Redmi K40 series with 3 different versions Snapdragon 870/888 chipset, E4 AMOLED details such as the screen, 48MP / 64MP / 108MP camera, LPDDR5 RAM, fast charging.

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With a starting price of $ 310, the Redmi K40 series achieved 1 million sales in China in just 23 days. As it falls under different names abroad, there is no exact number on a global scale, but there is a great interest in the country.

Another popular phone is Black Shark 4. Player phone released in Standard and Pro versions. Black Shark 4 It sold $ 30 million in just 5 minutes. OnePlus 9, on the other hand, had sales of $ 15 million in 50 minutes. Especially Huawei’s being in the background came to Xiaomi’s business.

Poco, which is also the third online phone brand in India, made 500 thousand sales with the M3 model in just 45 days. The first wave of sales had exceeded 150 thousand. Although the phone was only sold through Flipkart, it was able to reach these numbers.

Xiaomi is currently continuing the distribution of the Redmi K40 and Black Shark 4 series. When the new Poco X3 Pro and F3 phones also participate in the race, April will pass with records for Xiaomi.

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