Online food ordering service Food basket, via the official Twitter account recently that you have been hacked by cyberattacks explained.

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According to the statement made, 25 Mart 2021 in the morning hours on Yemeksepeti user database, unidentified cyber hacker or He was attacked by pirates. As a result of the attack, some information of the users was unfortunately it was stolen.

According to the statement, after 09.30 on March 25, Yemeksepeti all software and cyber security team, status started to investigate. As a result of the research, it was revealed which data was stolen.

What Information Was Stolen?

Yemeksepeti first of all that your credit card information is secure transferred. No, including credit card information financial information or the password is not stolen It was also stated. The stolen information is as follows:

  • Ad – Soyad
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone numbers registered on Yemeksepet
  • E-mail addresses registered in Yemeksepet
  • Address information registered to Yemeksepet
  • Login passwords that cannot be seen clearly, masked with SHA-256 algorithm

According to the statement of Yemeksepeti, it is now KVKK (Personal Data Protection Board), USOM (National Cyber ​​Incident Response Center) and To the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has been informed.

Should you change your Yemeksepeti password?

According to the statement made, Yemeksepeti, There is no need to change the password but suggest you do it if you are comfortable transferred. Finally “Connect with Apple or Facebook” Those who become a member with the option There is nothing to worry about added. Description of Yemeksepeti you can find it below.

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