With the Windows Autopilot feature available in Windows 10 Pro operating systems, you will now be able to set up your Casper and Excalibur computers in minutes without IT support.

Windows Autopilot difference

Recently Windows 10 Pro added to the operating system Windows Autopilot Its feature ensures that all applications and data of employees are ready on the new computer within minutes. Especially in corporate solutions, a great time saving is offered to businesses.

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This innovation, which maximizes the computer setup and usage experience, also offers the opportunity of ready-to-use computers within minutes for organizations. Long load times, personalization for employees and IT interventions are eliminated.

Innovation that will enable IT teams to save time, also saves teams time in other development and problem solving. While maximizing business efficiency and time savings, it also facilitates the transformation of companies in cloud-based device management. With all these features, organizations are provided with a new protection shield in information and data security with the assurance of Microsoft and Casper.

How to Run Windows Autopilot?

For companies that want to take advantage of the Windows Autopilot feature, it is enough to purchase Casper computers with Windows 10 Pro and define the devices in the management system. Employees need to log on to their computers after the profiles to be determined by the IT teams for the first installations. Thanks to the special adjustments to be made for each department in the business, each employee enjoys the advantage of having the ideal working platforms within minutes.

To take advantage of the Windows Autopilot feature, you can visit www.casper.com.tr to examine the Casper and Excalibur computer models suitable for your needs and experience the new Windows 10 Pro advantages.

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