Zoom, the most prominent application of the pandemic era and making its founder a billionaire, now opens to third-party services. The company will allow developers to offer new opportunities with its video infrastructure.

The new era begins

Pandemic The concept of video conferencing, which has a historical peak, will be integrated into applications in the coming period. Zoom is opening its video software development tool to third parties to catch this trend.

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Zoom Platforms that integrate the development tool will be able to benefit from all interactive features such as text chat and voice chat. The firm believes that fully customizable video applications will be successful in areas such as social interaction, gaming and retail. Zoom normally made the core video engine available to third parties, but the Video SDK package contains much richer integrations.

Lingmo It was one of the first platforms to use the infrastructure. Offering cloud-based artificial intelligence translation services, the platform can reach its customers in a much more efficient way with its Zoom video infrastructure.

Zoom Video SDK is available for free up to 10000 session minutes per month. Then, per minute charging begins. There will be different packages in the form of 30000 session minutes per month and $ 1000 per year.


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