By 2023, the BMW Group will ten electric models plans to keep. As of 2021, BMW i3, BMW iX3 and MINI SE electric cars are already on the market. Soon among these models BMW iX and a four-door coupe to go on sale three months ahead of schedule BMW i4 will also attend.

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BMW 5 Series and BMW X1 in the coming years fully electric versions will be released. Heman will then succeed the electric BMW 7 Series and mini Countryman. Thanks to this strategy, electric vehicles of the German brand until 2023 market segments about 90% cover.

10 million electric vehicles in 10 years

The BMW Group is responsible for total vehicle sales by 2030. Of 50% aims to be electrified. Each model line will feature an electric version. In every market segment where the company is present at least one electric vehicle will be presented. In the next 10 years, about 10 million BMW branded electric vehicle is expected to be on the road.

BMW Group, internal combustion for many years the demand for cars with engines it will remain stable he believes. In other words, until 2030, the brand’s sales half of they will continue to build. Therefore New generation Internal combustion engine development work will continue.

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