The island of Yell in the Shetland region, which is located in the far north of Scotland and consists of about 100 islands of various sizes, was a first for England. In the field of renewable energy, tidal turbines have been used for some time and thus provide electrical energy to homes and businesses. Nova Innovation initiativeestablished the first electric car charging station in the country that was implemented with this method.

To increase the efficiency of the station, a battery storage system is added to the charging unit. Nova Innovation’s solution is not the fastest on the market. However, it is a first in the country and the facility is established. Yell’s only 215 km² taking up spaceseems to make the station adequate in this sense.

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Speaking on the subject, Fabrice Leveque, director of the Scotland branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature, said:

It is an exciting development to see the carbon footprint drop in some of the transport sector in Scotland’s island region using tidal technology. Renewable resources abound on our islands. The emphasis on these resources, including wind, tidal and solar energies, provides economic and social benefits to rural and remote communities in many areas.

Although the current development is an important step for the UK, which has regional and carbon neutral targets Electric energy from marine sources such as tides and waveswithin renewable resources a fairly small share owner. So much so that the capacity increase of tidal energy in Europe last year was only 260 kW. The increase in wave energy is only around 200kW. On the other hand, the capacity increase of wind energy in Europe in 2020 was 14.7 gigawatts.

Despite its small share in renewable resources, tidal energy has an important advantage. That is the “predictability” of the method.. As it is known, tidal waves emerge with the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon. Since it is possible to predict the acres of our satellite and star in advance, it is easier to determine the appropriate location for tidal energy compared to methods such as wind energy depending on weather conditions.


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