HAVELSAN, carrying out important studies within the scope of the F16 Simulator Procurement Project for F-16 fighter aircraft, which is the striking force of the Turkish Air Force, announced that it has produced the first troubleshooting training simulator prepared in this detail worldwide. F-16 Simulator Procurement Project The simulator produced within the scope of the simulator will enable aircraft maintenance technicians to detect a malfunction in the aircraft as soon as possible and fix it as soon as possible.

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F-16 fighter jet simulated around 1000 faults faced Speaking about the simulator, HAVELSAN Jet Aircraft Systems Program Manager Koray Uyar’s statements are as follows:

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Thanks to indigenous technologies, Turkish submarines are equipped with modern combat systems.

“Since the F-16 is a very complex aircraft, there are many origins of failure. When a fault is reported to the aircraft maintenance technician, it takes a very long time to determine where the fault actually originates.

We developed the most common and difficult-to-detect faults among the F-16 faults by working with aircraft maintenance technicians. Approximately 1000 malfunctions are simulated within the Troubleshooting Training Simulator.

Our aircraft maintenance technician sits in the cockpit just like in the real environment, conducts some tests in the cockpit, makes some predictions about the origin of the malfunction according to the results he sees on the screens and the signs he receives. Then F-16 performs its first determination of the origin of the failure by reviewing the technical orders. Often, additional measurements have to be taken on the real aircraft and some parts have to be removed for this purpose. Our aircraft maintenance technician students 3D modeled aircraft on large touch screens We help him to disassemble and install the desired devices and to take measurements in virtual environment from those points, as is done on a real plane Our students take measurements from the part they disassembled from the plane, as a result, if there is a problem in the wiring, they repair the wiring, if there is a problem in the devices, they replace the devices with a new one. After this process is completed, they return to the cockpit and run internal tests in the cockpit as they really are and make sure that the fault is fixed. “

To the Air Force Command at the end of 2021 Stating that the simulator planned to be delivered was developed entirely with domestic and national resources, Uyar said that the system in question It is also planned to be sold to customers around the world told. Having also contacted Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the F-16s, HAVELSAN stated that they will reach the relevant countries through the US company.


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