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According to information from sources close to the sector, HuaweiIn the new generation smart television models of Devialet sound systems will be included. The company’s new smart TVs Frea under the code name.

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At first, the series is at least with two models will be represented, 75 and 85 inch It is stated that it will have a screen size. Resolution not yet clear, but most likely 3840 × 2160 pixels (4K) it will be. According to new data, smart TVs developed by the French company Devialet high quality it will include a sound system. Founded in Paris in 2007, this company speakers and amplifiers expert at her topic.

Huawei – Devialet collaboration is not new

Devialet speakers to future Huawei TVs clear and natural sound will give. In most cases, users an external sound system It is stated that it will not even need to be connected. Cooperation between Huawei and Devialet that you are not new let’s say French company Devialet, Huawei Sound X and Huawei Sound sound systems for smart speakers from forming was responsible.

Frea family TVs other features not yet announced. Official presentation of smart television models in the next quarter expected to happen.

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