The MagSafe accessory ecosystem introduced with the iPhone 12 has begun to give rise to many innovative ideas. In addition to standard companies, commercial enterprises are also one of them on the crowdfunding platform MagHolder.

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iPhone 12 is the first MagSafe compatible accessory seeking donation support

MagHolder features and price

MagHolder Its accessory has a very simple design and attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 series via MagSafe. For all other phones, an adhesive plate offers ease of use. There are 3 different sizes according to the size of the iPhone models.

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It is an accessory stand and can be used horizontally or vertically. When folded, it gets a fine structure. There is also a card holder inside. A leather application resistant to magnetic fields and radio frequencies is preferred.

MagHolder The accessory has a starting price of $ 19 and has raised twice as much in a short period of time. The final price of the accessory, which will begin global distribution in June, is set at $ 39.

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