Nczn Design, which we previously reported with the Stone Balance game, released its first game for the successful venture Infinity Games, which it joined within. The puzzle game named Target reflects the great progress.

What does the target game offer?

Target The game named game aims to put the ball into the portal by directing it with the given triangles. It requires strategy as you have to touch all the stars on the way. There are many hurdles in the following chapters and these also need to be taken into account.

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The game, which has more than 100 levels, is designed with minimalist graphics. While starting with a single triangle in the first place, components such as launching ramps are also added to the game. You can get tips for solution with advertising Target The game will be released for the iOS platform in the near future. For now, let’s say there are some stuttering problems.

Target - Brain Game
Target - Brain Game
Target - Brain Game

Target – Brain Game


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