In this video we look at the model H510 shortly before returning to Turkey nzxt’n the soil in detail with you. Do not forget to share your comments about the safe with us

In this video, a short time before returning to the territory of Turkey nzxt’n H510i We examine the model in detail with you. Do not forget to share your comments about the safe with us.

When we look at the color of the case, we usually see white colors in this model. hakim appears in a safe. Different color options are also available in this model. Of course unlikely to find any color in Turkey.

When we continue with the design, the mid-tower and a stylish case are located here. When we look at the dimensions of this case, we can see that it is 460mm high with legs, 210mm wide and 428mm thick.

When we move into the product, we see a structure that will not really upset us in terms of width. It is possible to understand this from the system we have already installed in it.

When we move on to the front structure of the case, a flat structure welcomes us. In this structure SECC Made with steel. It is possible to see this structure around the case in general.

When we continue with the front side, any grill is not located on the front of the product. In other words, there is no material that can be removed. If at the bottom NZXT We see the logo. The dimensions of these fans that can be attached to the front are 2 x 120/2 x 140 mm.

When we look at the left side of the case, transparent, tempered glass greets us. With its transparency, we can see the inside of the product more easily. The equipment will be more pleasing to the eye. In general, I prefer clear glass instead of blackened glass in such cases.

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When we move to the right, we again encounter the SECC material structure. There is a longitudinal ventilation hole in the front of this cover. It also has a filter behind it. This cover is opened with two screws. You can open easily without using a screwdriver. So how’s the cable?

On the wiring side, I can definitely say that you are too free. Thanks to the patented cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps, wiring you can make it easy, intuitive.

When we come to the upper part, 1x USB There are 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, 1x headphone audio jack ports. Continuing with the upper part, we can see that there is a ventilation outlet for the fan in the system.

When we go to the lower part, there are 4 legs, a dust filter under the psu, and a mechanism where you can determine which type of discs in the case will be.

You can install it in the front with two fans, 120mm or 140mm liquid cooling. It is possible to install a 120mm liquid cooling on the back. The front panel is very comfortable to install and will not upset you in this regard.

Rahat Rahat assembly you can When we look at the fans inside the case, we can see two F120 version fans.

Unfortunately, these fans do not have RGB. RGB completely changes according to the user’s wishes. I would like to add that I would include RGB fans in this case.

As a video card, it is included in the product 38.1 cm You can install a video card up to the size of 7 slots. If you want, you can place your video card vertically, but the necessary apparatus for this is not included with the product. Let’s have shared this with you.

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