Whether or not the Telltale Games studio’s games are games was a matter of debate in the early 2010s. In general, the games you walked, did little to do in terms of gameplay, or even just decided, were not seen as games for a cut. However, this kind of development has developed in such a way that you no longer really need to press anything other than the “Forward Key”. As a result Walking Simulation type appeared. These games generally stand out with their visuals, atmosphere and story, but there is not even the slightest thing about gameplay. The game we are reviewing today is also in this style. Paradise Lost.

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Publishing All in! Games, developed by PolyAmorous Paradise Lost, a game released recently. As I said, it is a walking simulation game. The most interesting point of the game 2. World War Having a little connection with and an alternative scenario.

Without a doubt in a game review the most important part, to convey the gameplay part of the game well, but unfortunately in this game There is nothing I can explain in terms of gameplay. In general, walking simulation games can be a little more “games” by adding small mechanics such as puzzles. However, the only thing in terms of gameplay in this game is to open the door or lower arms every 20 minutes. Therefore, I can easily say that there is nothing in the game about gameplay.

Of the game The point where it stands out is the story. The game in the 1980s in a post-apocalyptic world passing. Our main character is a war survivor Nazi bunker He finds and searches for a man his mother saw in the photograph before his death. He thinks this guy might be the answer to some things. In search of in the empty bunker he hears and thinks he can find that man after finding him. I can say that the atmosphere of the game makes the era and the universe feel very good. Story too emotional and absolutely immersive. However, since there is nothing in the name of gameplay, the game does not really trigger you to continue. That’s why I would say I would rather watch something like that than play it. It is best that I do not share more details from the story so that there is no spoiler. The only experience the game offers is the story, I don’t want to steal anything from there either.

Of the game their sounds and graphics let me talk a little bit too. I can’t say good or bad about sounds, as it should be. There is no extra good or bad situation. Graphics are for this kind of studio. beautiful. However, as I said, because there is nothing in the name of gameplay, the visuality remains the only solution and it is not very good there, unfortunately, it is just good. I expected better from this kind of game. But still the designs and atmosphere are fine. At least you were in that period, You can feel your coldness and loneliness.

As a result, unfortunately, my score to the game is in the negative direction. However, it still offers an above average experience in terms of story and atmosphere. It is sold for 25.00 TL on Steam as a price. If you like such stories when it is under 20 TL, you can try it. It does not offer an experience you will regret when you buy it for less than 20 TL. Apart from PC, the game is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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