Razer, the US gaming accessories manufacturer, earlier this year Project Hazel He introduced a smart face mask named. The company is coming soon RGB backlit It officially announced that it will begin mass production of the face mask.

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Overcome the challenges of the pandemic with the smart mask

Razer announced its high-tech RGB face mask, held in early 2021. At the CES fair had put on display. Project Hazel mask presented as company concept design real announced that it will turn into a device.

It will be as effective as the N95 mask

Project Hazel with transparent design, to viruses and bacteria compared to conventional disposable masks better will offer protection. Capable of capturing 95 percent of airborne particles thanks to its advanced filtering system N95 mask expected to be as effective.

The main distinguishing feature of the mask as in many Razer products RGB lighting will function. Medical masks as you know muffling the voice. Razer’s smart mask is an instrument that amplifies the user’s voice. microphone and speaker will contain. The release date and price of the product are still uncertain.


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