Netflix’s new exclusive content, the video streaming platform with the most subscribers From Eden a trailer was shared and the release date was announced.

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Netflix’s new anime, according to the latest trailer of Eden, On May 27 It will be published at 10.00 Turkey time. Anime your creativity Justin Leach is taking over. In the voice cast and Kyôko Hikami, Kentaro Ito, Marika Kôno and Kôichi Yamadera.

The subject of the anime named Eden is as follows: Thousands of years from now, “Eden Three” Only robots live in a city called. Mankind, the master of robots, has long since perished. During a routine task two farmer robots, A girl inside a life capsule accidentally awakens the baby. This discovery From a forbidden ancient legend It leads them to question everything they have learned and believed that it consists of. The two robots begin raising the boy in a safe haven outside of Eden.

The aforementioned trailer you can watch it below.

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