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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Manager Carsten Intra, all-electric ID Buzz He shared the details of his plans to bring his minibus to the market.

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Intra, the van next year EuropeHe said that he will be showcased in. In this area, passengers and commercial versions will be offered in standard and extended versions as well. In the United States, the minibus Will be released in 2023 and here only passenger with an enlarged base in your version planned to be presented.

There will also be an autonomous version

Battery capacity of ID Buzz three versions it will be. Base model, rear wheel drive will be equipped with a system and the electric motor 200 horsepower will be in power. The most expensive modification is all-wheel drive and 300 horsepower will generate power level.

In europe ID BuzzThe commercial version of., among other features, has an advanced autopilot system It is planned to be presented as a fully autonomous vehicle. However, this option from normal models It will be out a little later. ID Buzz production HannoverIt is also among the news that it will be done in. Volkswagen Various electric crossover models of the group will also be produced in this factory. Of Volkswagen’s Electric van price it is not yet clear.

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