Plastic waste, one of the leading actors in the pollution of our world, can be reused to some extent through recycling. However, out of approximately 350 million tons of plastic produced each year, only Recycling of 9% Unfortunately, it is not enough.

Set out to produce an innovative solution in this regard UK-based technology company Muraannounced that it has started construction of the world’s first commercial-scale recycling facility. All types of plastic waste can be recycled at the facility, where a new type of hydrothermal processing method will be used.

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One study revealed that bioplastics are as toxic as regular plastics.

HydroPRS (Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution) In a patented method called Mura, supercritical steam will recycle plastics into the oils and chemicals they are made from. In this way, recycled products will be able to produce new plastic products in an unprocessed state.

All plastic waste can be recycled

Mura’s point highlighted at this stage, multi-layer and flexible plastic that was previously impossible to recycle and was mostly used in packaging products will now enter this cycle. Thus, these products can be recycled countless times.

80 thousand tons of plastic per year in the facility, which is planned to be operational in 2022. It is stated that the waste will be processed. Dr. Mura Teknoloji, CEO. Steve Mahon’s quotes are as follows:

“We are approaching a major environmental disaster step by step. We must take the initiative to take a step towards this and find a solution to plastic pollution. That is why we adopted the approach for the first time in the world and decided to directly intervene in the problem. “

Mura after England They will also open facilities in Germany, USA and Asia stated.

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