The melancholic adventure game published by Raw Fury and developed by Brainwash Gang and TLR Games. The Longest Road on Earth It will also be published for mobile devices.

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The Longest Road on Earth, different from each other but four different people with ordinary lives It has a story that focuses on short stories. As you can see from the trailer of the game, it is more melancholic has a structure. Any in the game no dialogue or text. The events that happened are based entirely on your interpretation.

The soundtrack of the game has a very important place for the game. Music by Beícoli, It is extremely important for the atmosphere of the game. Game It appeals to people of all ages. Since it is not a text, you do not need to know any language. The game is approximately It has a 3 hour gameplay time.

The Longest Road on Earth; Over the next few months for Android, iOS and Steam will be published. You can find the announcement trailer for the game below.

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