With many collaborations and projects that Apple has made with clinical institutions, Apple Watch is no longer a smart watch. It can save the life of its user by detecting critical situations such as heart arrhythmia or falling. Now fragility has also been added to the list.

What is fragility?

Fragility or the condition called weakness, weakness that occurs due to metabolism and immune system in later years. Frailty caused by factors such as reduced physiological reserves or stress; weight loss, weakness, inactivity, and a decrease in walking speed. As a result, situations such as hospitalization or death can be seen.

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Apple has also taken action for vulnerability, which is tried to be understood based on certain indexes with clinical tests. According to the researches, the 6-minute walk test gives results with 83 percent sensitivity and 60 percent specificity with Apple Watch. In clinical tests, 90 percent sensitivity and 85 percent specificity can be obtained.

In tests iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 3 110 veteran subjects with heart disease were studied using. VascTrac In addition to the special application named, the 6MWT measurement feature in the watchOS 7 version was also used. Standford University states in the report published by the Apple Watch that the vulnerability level can be monitored remotely.

Authorities predict that the digital health sector will become a major market in the coming years. The wide range of diagnostic detection capabilities offered by wearable devices, in particular, will enable them to be adopted by large masses. Apple is making significant investments to lead this race ahead.


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