As we have transferred to you in the past days Evergreen belonging to the chain of 400 meters long shipping vessel, turned on its side with an unexpected storm and It blocked the Suez Canal. The consequences of this blockage seem to be bad.

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Approximately Empire state building long ship blocked the Suez Canal and for a time many ships were unable to move. As a result of this accident many ships could not continue the shipment. This seems to affect future shipping situations.

Business Insider quoted stock situation in semiconductors may not be very affected by this event. Most of semiconductors carried by plane but still Business Insider there will definitely be a delay in shipping also added.

In this case, the first thing that comes to mind is the PlayStation 5 is coming. In this case, stock shortage that it will continue for a while we can say it shows. A small note should be made here. Just a single ship crashed and it is not a situation where only a few ships will be affected if it stops passage for a while. Although the effect on a single ship seems to be low, this accident affects all traffic and The effect is growing as a chain.

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