One of the most anticipated films of this year Godzilla vs. Kongmade a quick introduction to the box office adventure. In many countries where cinemas are open, the movie, which was released as of last week, was fully released at the end of the first week. 122 million dollars managed to break a record by making revenue. Godzilla vs. Kong, by far, of the pandemic period fastest hit Hollywood movie happened.

Published in Christopher Nolan’s August Tenet his movie grossed $ 53 million at the end of the first weekend, becoming the best of the pandemic era. Also posted in December Wonder Woman 1984 his movie also achieved a relatively successful job with an opening of $ 38 million. But Godzilla vs. Kong managed to surpass both films with ease.

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A new trailer of Godzilla vs Kong movie has been released

Godzila vs. In Kong’s first weekend success the largest share belongs to China. Godzilla vs. China, which became the world’s largest cinema market by leaving the USA behind during the pandemic period. Kong full 70 million dollars managed to generate revenue. After China, Mexico and Australia ranked second with revenues of $ 6.3 million.

Godzilla vs. Kong is also expected to begin its box office adventure in the US with an opening of over $ 20 million. The movie will be released on March 31, but there is no big expectation from the US box offices as it will be released on HBO Max at the same time. Still, if it had been released in the US this week, we would probably see an opening of over $ 150 million.

About With a budget of 200 million dollars Godzilla vs. Kong is expected to surpass at least $ 300 million by the end of his box office adventure. The fact that it will reach these numbers despite the pandemic period and HBO Max can be described as a great success. Had it not been for the pandemic period, it would most likely exceed $ 1 billion.

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