One of the most anticipated films of the year Godzilla vs. Kong Finally, he started to meet with the audience. The film’s review embargo, which was released in 25 countries last week, has been lifted as of today.

Looking at shared reviews, Godzilla vs. We see that Kong is generally admired. Critics have particularly praised the visual side of the film. It is stated that Godzilla and King Kong face all their glory, and the fights of the two monsters look spectacular, especially on the big screen.

On the other hand, the script and human characters of the film received generally negative ratings from the critics. In particular, it is stated that the characters are two-dimensional and underdeveloped. Statements were made that the script remained simple as expected, but still offered a satisfying experience in addition to great fights.

According to the statements of critics, Godzilla vs Kong, has the best action scenes in the series. For those who want to watch two giant monsters fight, the movie seems to give exactly what is expected. But those looking for more than visual some disappointed may come.

Metacritic: 65 / Rotten Tomatoes: %83

  • The Guardian — 80
  • Los Angeles Times — 80
  • AV Club — 75
  • Observer — 75
  • Chicago Sun Times — 75
  • We Got This Covered — 70
  • The Hollywood Reporter — 70
  • Variety — 70
  • IGN — 70
  • IndieWire — 67
  • SlashFilm — 65
  • ScreenRant — 60
  • Forbes — 60
  • GamesRadar — 60
  • Entertainment Weekly — 58
  • TheWrap — 55
  • ScreenDaily — 50
  • The Playlist — 50
  • CNN — 45
  • Empire — 40

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