MediaTekLargest for smartphones for the first time in 2020 chipset ranking suppliers first place took place. Data published by DigiTimes is Omdia provided by.

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MediaTek for smart cellular devices 2019 in the year 238.0 million had sold CPUs. Company 2020 In the year 351.8 million He took the lead by selling CPUs. Thus MediaTek’s chipset deliveries 113.8 million menstrual or in other words %47,8 increased.

At the end of 2020 MediaTek’s share in the global smartphone chip market compared to the previous year %17,2compared to %27,2he reached was recorded. Thus, in an annual review, the company QualcommThe largest chipset for smart cellular devices for the first time, surpassing supplier happened.

Biggest customer Xiaomi

Chinese Xiaomilast year’s MediaTek chips biggest customer It was also reported. Especially in 2020, 63.7 million Xiaomi smartphone, from one year to the previous year To 19.7 million provisions MediaTek It was offered for sale on the platforms. Throughout the year, the supply of such devices also %223,3 increased.

OPPO, a year ago 46.3 million in comparison with the MediaTek processor in 2020 55.3 million sold the smart phone. South Korean giant Samsungshipments of such devices on an annual basis. %254,5 increasingly 43.3 million took off to the unit.

So in 2020 MediaTek in the smartphone processor market big strides threw. This year the company actively to improve plans to continue.

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