Aimed at players Ampere After the entry-level options of the architecture mobile graphics cards, options for workstations have also appeared on the horizon.

RTX A5000

Again unseen in Ashes of the Singularity’s internal test Core i7-11600H accompanied by RTX A5000 as in the desktop variant according to estimates With GA104 GPU the future. Although there is no detailed information about the card yet, the GPU suitable for 256-bit memory bus 8/16 GB VRAM’le capacitors possible to be combined.

See Also. “Scalable to Intel DG2 4096 compute units with 16GB VRAM”

On the other hand, for Core i7-11600H with 12 threads 2.9 GHz frequency base reported. Shared so far Tiger Lake-H Except Core i9-11980HK with 65 watts TDP between processors highest base frequency seen as an option.

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