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Researchers from Ireland say that the user data on the phones is 4.5 mins They revealed that one was sent. In research both Apple him the Googleequally carefully they collect information specified.

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According to new research, Android and iPhone smartphones, on average, 4.5 mins transmits data, and this data is if not in use even sent. Research conducted in Dublin shows that smartphones to your privacy it raised new concerns about it. But scientists say between Apple and Google devices find no significant difference they claim.

Trinity Connect Center’dan Professor Doug Leith According to research by, iPhone is more than Google’s devices does not provide privacy the result came out. However, the study found that Google phones are from Apple. significantly He states that he is collecting more phone data. On average, from Google Pixel phones 1 MB every 12 hours while sending data, from iPhone 52 KB data is being sent.

Too much data is collected

Generally, data sent from phones, SIM card information and device serial number, IMEI, WiFi MAC address and phone number device like information stated to contain. Professor Doug Leith’s statement on the subject is as follows:

I think most people agree that Apple and Google need to collect data from our phones to provide services like iCloud or Google Drive. But when we only use our phones as phones, it is much more difficult to understand why Apple and Google need to collect data for calls and more. Yet in this study, we found that Apple and Google collected a large amount of information even in this case. It seems that it is not extreme and necessary.

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