German automotive giant Mercedes, new generation multimedia system MBUX HyperscreenTwo months ago, he officially introduced the system and announced that the system will first be offered in an electric model called EQS. The company is electrified today Mercedes-Benz EQSshared the first images of the interior of the city.

It was previously announced that the MBUX Hyperscreen will be available as an option in the new Mercedes-Benz EQS. In this context, as can be seen from the photos, there will be two different layouts on the console part of the electric model. The first of these, the standard one, will appear with a design we see in the new S-Class.

In the said layout, there is a 12.3 inch digital display screen placed in the console as a tablet screen right in front of the driver. In the center is a large 12.8-inch multimedia screen that is vertically positioned and linked to the center console. While the glossy black surface and metal frame draw attention on the center console, the remaining part of the console from the Hyperscreen draws attention with the surface designs that offer a wooden or different appearance.

When the optional MBUX Hyperscreen is preferred, as can be seen, the entire console is covered with this 141 cm long multimedia system. In this system, there are three different OLED displays in front of the driver, in the center of the console and in front of the front passenger. It has been announced that the screens on the right and left are 12.3 inches, and the middle screen is 17.7 inches.

These three screens in MBUX Hyperscreen are housed in a glass panel developed at temperatures up to 650 degrees Celsius and subjected to various crash tests. There are a total of 12 actuators under the touch surfaces of the system. In this way, an intuitive touch screen experience is offered. When you touch your finger on any point of the screens in question, these actuators create noticeable vibration.

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When the Hyperscreen is not in use, one of the backgrounds that are compatible with the ambient lighting comes into play. More information on the system in question here You can take a look at our news. In addition, sports seats with integrated headrests can be preferred in the cabin of the new Mercedes-Benz EQS, which are part of the AMG Line package.

Whichever system you choose, the new Mercedes-Benz EQS will have the next generation of MBUX software available. The system in question has a digital assistant activated with the command ‘Hey Mercedes’. This assistant supported by artificial intelligence performs many functions, from the description of how you will operate the functions in the vehicle, to the selection of ambient lighting and screen animation according to your current mode.

On the digital display of the electric EQS, there are face recognition cameras used for different driving assistants and comfort functions. In addition to simpler functions such as driver attention warning and adjusting the exterior mirrors to the pre-determined position according to the driver profile, it is possible to include biometric verification among these functions. There is also a fingerprint scanner for driver verification.

The ‘Power Nap’ feature in the car also draws attention. For example, you will charge your vehicle during the journey and you will have a nap at that time. This feature, which consists of three different phases, makes things easier for you. In the first phase, the driver’s seat is brought to a resting position, if the side windows are open, the curtain of the glass roof is closed, a spacious air circulation is provided inside, and the ambient lighting is adjusted according to the sleep mode. In order to wake up the driver, a light massage is activated with the seat ventilation. Then the curtain on the ceiling opens and the seat is brought back to the driving position.

In addition to all these, the new EQS will also feature features such as the Hepa filter that keeps unwanted dust, pollen and microparticles away from the living space, and the 710-watt 15-speaker Burmester surround sound system. The sound system in question will also be responsible for generating an artificial engine sound in the cabin.

The technical details of the Mercedes-Benz EQS have not yet been fully revealed. The largest battery option in the future car with different battery options will have a capacity of 108 kWh. This will provide EQS with a driving range of 700 kilometers according to WLTP and around 482 kilometers according to EPA measurements. We expect the new EQS to be officially introduced on April 15th.

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