AdDuplex for Windows 10 versions with usage rates shared relevant new statistics. The company for analysis Windows 10 It scrutinized more than 80,000 computers running it.

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Published data is the last major update of Windows 10 20H2shows that the distribution of the company is accelerating. October 2020 As of the end of March, the update %29.9has been uploaded to. So the second most popular version.

The May 2020 Update is at its peak

May 2020 Its update remains the most used version of Windows 10. Windows 10 devices %42.1There is also a slight increase in the share of version 2004 installed in Turkey.

November 2019 Version 1909, released with update, %18.4works in. So in terms of popularity it is in third place. If just after %4.6 payla May 2019 Accounting The update i.e. version 1903 is coming.

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