Publishing and developing by Upian and Hiver Prod together visual novel game ART, announced for mobile devices.

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As you can guess, the most prominent point in the visual novel style game story and designs. Story, Greek mythology and the Minotaur based on myths. Two teenagers, Asterion and Theseus, get lost in a labyrinth and try to find a way to escape. The aim of the game is to make these children escape from the labyrinth.

The name of the character that you will control and help the young people Ariadne. After every decision you make the game’s story will change. The game, unfortunately, is completely transmitted via text. voiceover not available. The designs are also completely there will be designs drawn by hand.

Of the game IOS and Android in the summer of 2021 It is expected to be released. Unfortunately, the store pages have not been opened for now.

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