Cyberpunk 2077, published and developed by CD Projekt Red the biggest patch of 1.2 all details were shared.

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The highly anticipated big patch of Cyberpunk 2077 has finally been released! Will the problems be resolved?

As you know, this patch, which was announced after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, is on older generation consoles It would fix all the performance issues and bugs. It would also contain many innovations in the game. In the past minutes this big patch, so All details of patch 1.2 have been shared.

There Are More Than 500 Innovations

Driving and a few details such as the time it took for the police to act was announced recently. Now is More than 500 changes The entire list containing it has been published. On the list Ray tracing support will be added to the game for AMD graphics cards. stated. Among the innovations individual innovations for each console and corrections, gameplay changes, corrections to tasks, open world enhancements and corrections, cinematic fixes and changes, Fixes for sound and animations and much more.

The biggest curiosity after the patch is the game PlayStation Store’a whether he will come again. Cyberpunk 2077has been removed from PlayStation Store. 100 days have passed and still no explanation. We hope this patch solves everything and the game is added to the store again.

For patch there is no clear date but it is said that it will come very soon. It was promised that he would come in March. That’s why likely to be released in a few days. More than 500 changes You can find the full list in detail here.


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