Numerous open source and free software can be found on Windows to meet the needs. However, due to commercial concerns, we see that free software started to turn to advertising.

FileZilla will serve ads

Windows FileZilla, one of the most popular FTP software of the platform, started to offer advertisement offers to its users with a critical change it made. The change has been made in the application’s Windows installation software.

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Earlier FileZilla Windows setup file; It could be downloaded simply on the page. Now, a note has been attached just below the Windows installation file and it is stated that the file can offer package offers.

Package offers are generally in the form of product or application offers in the form of advertising. Those who have already downloaded the FileZilla application are fine, but those who will download it again or download it for the first time will be exposed to these offers.

Experts recommend that people using FTP can switch to different ad-free alternatives such as WinSCP, if not mandatory, or research previous ad-free versions of the FileZilla application.

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