Health Minister Fahrettin Kocaanswered the questions of journalists after today’s TBMM meeting. Minister Koca drew attention to the increase in coronavirus mutations. He commented on the crowd at congresses.

According to the Minister’s statement Husband exist in Turkey BioNTech/Pfizer production from coronavirus vaccine 2.8 million dose came. With the shipment planned to be completed in the next 10 days, a total of 4.5 million doses will be reached. If those who are in turn do not want to be BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine, they will be able to choose the Sinovac vaccine.

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Ministers husband, Covidien-19 vaccine in the future of Turkey announced the dates and amounts

Coronavirus Underlining the increase in their mutations Ministers husband, “Health Minister Fahrettin husband,” Mutations every day is rising. The rate of mutation in Turkey has reached 75 percent at the moment. For the mutants gradually increased, mainly British variant that to and infectiousness of this period in our closed because it is more, we need to stay away from crowded environments and especially close contact. ” said.

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In response to the question about the crowd at the AK Party congresses, he said:

“’I believe that keeping this issue on the agenda is of no use to anyone. We know that the virus has been transmitted in indoor environments, including our Scientific Committee members. There is no change in this information, so I think that everyone should do their part in this struggle. It would not be right to create a story of privilege here. “

Developed in Turkey spray coronavirus vaccine candidate Referring to Minister Koca, “Nasal vaccine; It is a vaccine that we have been following from the beginning and written to support in March 2020 as the Ministry. We know it as a vaccine that provides mucosal immunity and prevents infectiousness because it prevents entry. I think we will start the Phase-1 study for the volunteers at our Ankara City Hospital, when the production for research is completed under GMP conditions within 2-3 weeks. ” made statements.

Latest situation in the risk map (March 29):


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