For those looking for an affordable SSD for a quick upgrade to their computer, a new move has come from Kingston. Kingston’s NV1 SSD model aims to provide the best performance at the most affordable price.

What does Kingston NV1 SSD offer?

Prepared for the entry level Kingston NV1 SSD model is single-sided and in M.2 2280 format. It can go up to 1700MB / s at write speeds and 2100MB / s at read speeds.

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The drive, which consumes 5 mW of energy in standby mode, reaches a maximum of 3.3W. Its compact structure is ideal for slim notebooks and mini PC models. It offers 120TBW at 500GB capacity, 240TBW at 1000GB capacity and 480TBW writing life at 2000GB capacity. Coming with a 3-year warranty, the Kingston NV1 SSD drive will soon take its place on the shelves.

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