Taiwan MediaTek, which became the leader of the mobile chip market in the third quarter of last year, with the great interest of its Dimensity series, managed to spread this leadership throughout the year. MediaTek is now the biggest in the mobile world.

He closed the year 2020 as a leader

According to market researches MediaTek managed to sell 352 million chips last year. The company, which grew 48 percent compared to the previous year, reached 27 percent as a share. Qualcomm, on the other hand, sold 319 million chips and reached 25 percent market share.

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Included in the 5G trend with Dimensity series MediaTek It found a base very quickly and increased its popularity with different segment products one after another. At the same time, a reverse advantage emerged when Huawei was subject to embargo, causing it to move away from Qualcomm chips.

MediaTekIt is stated that it is most effective in the medium and entry level market. The one that uses MediaTek chips the most is Xiaomi. Last year, the company used the MediaTek chip on its 63.7 million phones, an increase of 223.3 percent.

MediaTek has started to expand its Dimensity line a little further this year. In this respect, it will increase its area of ​​influence. Of course, the fact that customers like Xiaomi break sales records also affects MediaTek.


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