NASA’s eagerly anticipated Psyche his mission is now almost over. According to a statement made by the space agency today, NASA engineers to the final assembly process also started. NASA designated for the Psyche mission August 2022 that there are no problems with its target and that the spacecraft be launched on the targeted date announced.

16 Psyche: a metal asteroid worth 10 thousand quadrillion

16 Psyche asteroids in NASA’s target, In the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter takes place. 16 Psyche, one of the largest objects in the belt, has a diameter of 226 kilometers. Giant meteorite; It was named after the Greek mythology Psyche, who, despite being a mortal person, later gained immortality.

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16 Psyche asteroids interestingly in recent years focus of space agencies has become. The biggest reason for this is that the asteroid consists almost entirely of precious metals. The present value of metals above 16 Psyche according to scientists 10 fields (10 thousand quadrillion) level. So at least on paper it has a much greater value than the world economy (80 trillion dollars).

Scientists think 16 Psyche is the remaining core of a proto-planet that suffered many blows during the formation of the Solar System. Because Psyche is just like the core of our Earth in terms of content. Perhaps one of the most interesting objects in the Solar System. More than 90% of Psyche Some of them are very rare metals, such as iron, nickel, gold, platinum, copper, cobalt, iridium, and redium.

16 Psyche’s features are of course quite interesting, but NASA is now that we do not have the technology to bring minerals from the asteroid to Earth says. The biggest aim of the space agency in the Psyche mission will be to explore the asteroid in the best way and understand its structure. Scientists speculate that 16 Psyche could be the core of a primitive planet and thus answer many questions regarding the formation of planets in our Solar System.

Psyche probe In 2026 16 Psyche is expected to settle in its orbit.


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